I attended a workshop with Rosemary on Creating a Vision Board.  Creating the Vision Board was very empowering as I focused a section of the board on losing weight and getting fit and most importantly becoming healthy.  I have also included other things that I wish to achieve in my life on the board.  Every day I look at my board for about 5 – 10 minutes and visualise me achieving my dreams and goals.  This has been particularly helpful with my ‘get fit and healthy programme’.  I would recommend doing a workshop with Rosemary.  Apart from setting your goals down on paper (board) it is actually a really relaxing and fun experience (so lovely to be childlike for three hours cutting and gluing).

Deirdre, Holistic Therapist, Ratoath


I have tried Reiki for a number of reasons – one of them being a physical pain in my right shoulder which medicine or physiotherapy could not heal – the other being my emotional well- being where I specifically wanted to target my stress levels. I approached Rosemary and explained why I would like to try the Reiki method. She explained what Reiki was all about and what I could expect to achieve from it. With this in mind we set up my first appointment.

I found the hour I spent with her very relaxing and beneficial. I felt a variety of sensations and emotions throughout the process. Although her hands didn’t touch my shoulders at all, I could feel her working on the pain and could feel a release of tension in the affected area. In my following days the pain gradually eased and after three sessions was gone completely. I have felt my stress levels much lower since I’ve begun treatment. Both through treatment and talking with Rosemary I have found myself with a much more relaxed approach to life and various situations and can take things in my stride much easier.

I have found very positive results from my sessions and always look forward to my next one!



I attended Rose’s Vision Board evening recently and it was on of the most relaxing, creative, enjoyable evenings I’ve had in a long time.  There was the relaxation of a beautiful meditation, the creativity in making the vision board with some fun thrown in too.  I have recently qualified as a life coach and I would recommend this evening to everyone.  it really helped me focus on what I would like to see happening in my life.  Rose has a wonderful energy and is truly a pleasure & inspiration to be around.

Mary O’ Neill, Complimentary Therapist, Dublin


I recently found myself interested in alternative therapies. This is an area that until recently I had next to no knowledge. Through a friend I came in contact with Rosemary who took the time to explain everything to me. I was very interested in her angel cards and she recommended a session of Reiki for me. During, and indeed after the Reiki session, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and well-being. This was a welcome change as I have just taken over my own business and my stress levels were higher than I would normally allow them to get. Her angel card reading very accurately reflected the stage of my life that I am at and provided good life advice to me.

Joanne, Offaly


“I have been attending Rosemary for well over a year now for holistic healing. As a healer myself I will attend Rosemary when I find I’m in need of a healing and find Rosemary to be a naturally intuitive person and a very powerful healer. She is extremely compassionate and trustworthy. I find that after attending Rosemary for healing any issues or physical ailments I may have clear up very quickly. The healing itself is always a very peaceful experience for me”.

Deborah, Holistic Therapist, Dublin


I had a very stressful year and I met with Rosemary regularly for healing and I really enjoyed our sessions. Rosemary is a powerful healer, kind and caring. She makes you feel comfortable and her honesty makes you see things from a different perspective, making life’s ups and downs much easier to deal with. She always explained to me, after each healing, how the Angels and Guides were working on me. Her amazing psychic abilities help her understand intuitively the area she needs to work on. The messages she receives are very accurate, enlightening and transformational. I am grateful that our paths have crossed and I would definitely recommend Rosemary to anyone.

Michela, Dublin


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