A Reiki healing session is a very gentle, yet powerful way to help bring about a greater sense of balance and peace in your life.

Whatever your reason for choosing this type of healing treatment, there are many benefits to a Reiki healing session.  Reiki helps release blocked energy, promotes relaxation, and helps to alleviate stress.  A Reiki healing session is a wonderful way to help restore balance and harmony to your body and mind.  Reiki healing can help you in dealing with anxieties and mental and emotional obstacles by promoting a sense of inner peace, serenity and calm.   Connecting with the powerful healing energies of Reiki during your healing session can give you the space to release emotions you may be holding on to, such as, anger, sadness or grief, thus making more space in your life for love, joy and peace.  Reiki healing can be used in conjunction with standard medical procedures and religious beliefs without conflict.  Reiki is something that can benefit everyone.

If you feel that this type of healing is for you and would like to book a session please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to know more about Reiki Healing please read on.

Reiki means Universal Life Energy, ‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘ki’ meaning life force energy.  This energetic healing system channels life force energy into your energy field to help heal and balance the body and mind. It is a tremendously powerful healing system that can help address problems of any kind, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.   Many physical problems are manifestations of emotional issues and Reiki energy can help to ease these issues to assist in emotional release and promoting balance of the body and mind.

During a Reiki healing session, I connect with and channel the healing Reiki energies to help heal you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


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